by Cat Lim There are certain things that all designers must go through from time to time. Making a logo bigger. Countless rounds of edits only to have the client pick the original concept. Receiving a request consisting only of these three words... "jazz it up". Sometimes it's a totally irrational yet overwhelming wave of insecurity about your skills, creativity, and everything you thought you knew as a designer. This is what I like to call designer doubt. From students starting their first internship to senior designers with decades of experience -- NO ONE is safe from designer doubt. It will creep out from the darkest depths of your consciousness and push you into a downward spiral of dramatic and overly critical inner thoughts such as: This project sucks. Wait... maybe I suck. Did I use up all of my creativity? Is that possible? Everyone else is amazing! And I am the exact opposite of amazing! How do I have a job? I am a fraud, and everyone is two seconds away from finding out. Well, I am here to say that you do not suck. You are a talented and bright creative who just needs a reminder of their kick-assness. Based on my experience, I’ve assembled this list of tips to help
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