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Want to learn the ins and outs of branding, marketing, and advertising? We have built a robust intern program for university students seeking professional experience. Our internships are aligned to the semester—applications open mid-semester for opportunities during the following semester!


Learn about client management and prepare to be an Account Coordinator after graduation. Support the Accounts Team in their client services efforts:

  • Learn how to prepare for client meetings
  • Learn about client service and management
  • Learn about project management
  • Learn about market research
  • Learn about branding and marketing tactics
  • Learn about internal agency operations and intra-department collaboration

Qualifications & Skills

  • Must be a current junior or senior.
  • Must be a marketing, advertising, business or related major
  • Come with an open mind to learn
  • Be ready to flex your creativity and bring new ideas and try new things

Company Benefits

  • Paid internship at $12/hour up to 120 hours/semester
  • Class credit available
  • Flexible schedule with students

Apply Now

Fall applications are open until August 15th.

Any Questions? Email Lindsay Petty.

Email Lindsay

Want some tips to stand out? Check out our blog to learn what makes a great application.