Advice by Female Entrepreneurs for Female Entrepreneurs

Oct 16, 2023

Celebrating National Women's Small Business Month

Originally published October 21, 2022. Revised to include more female entrepreneurs October 16, 2023.

As a female-owned business, we are proud to celebrate National Women's Small Business Month! It's not easy building a small business, but having a supportive community who understands the journey of a female entrepreneur can make all the difference. We are highlighting this community of inspirational women with advice for other women trying to start a business.

“Surround yourself with like minded individuals and don't be afraid to network with others even if it doesn't turn into a sale or a client. Give support to those who do the same for you!”

Solutions Maven Consulting is a dermatology-focused consulting firm with expertise in assisting operations and project management, financials, and staffing. They help implement the processes and strategies a practice needs to work smarter, run smoother, and be more profitable.

"Learn to get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable and lean into opportunities to invest in yourself. Surround yourself with those who encourage, motivate, and have a positive influence on your well-being and the world around you."  

Cassandra Smalley Wealth Management offers boutique financial planning designed with women in mind. Based in Pinellas County, FL the wealth management firm helps women and families simplify the complex, take the stress out of money matters, and provide clarity so that clients feel confident and can focus on what matters most. 

"It takes time, be patient and have confidence in yourself and your business."

Massage Studio offers luxurious and affordable massage therapy. With locations in Tampa, Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida, each massage experience is personalized for guests, all the way down to the music, aromatherapy, and pain relieving products to deliver an exceptional massage experience.

"Think long-term, think big picture, and then start small. Focus on making little moves every day, and making choices that will push your business forward. Doing anything else is just doing yourself a disservice. One of my favorite quotes is by Bill Gates and states, 'most people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in ten."

Green Spoon Co. is a meal service on a mission to make plant-based eating simple and delicious. Green Spoon’s pre-prepared meals make meal time easy with ready-to-enjoy plant-based food that’s interesting, fun to eat, and delicious delivered to your door.

"Owning a small business equates to weekly challenges. Meeting a challenge head on builds confidence and makes me look forward to the next one."

Island Life Pass-a-Grille is the perfect beach shop for everything you need to put you in a coastal state of mind from sunglasses and sand-free beach towels to beach chairs and wine.

Coastal Cottages by the Sea features quaint long-term stay, coastal cottage rentals in Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida and Bodega Bay, California.

"Never lose your sense of humor and always try to take the high road."

The MPetty Group provides executive coaching, executive team development, and succession planning by developing smart leadership and building strong teams. As a former executive with 35 years of experience, Marty Petty excels at helping identify and strengthen leadership within organizations across the United States.

"Be determined, rely on your smarts, and be fair to everyone.”

Pyper Inc. is an integrated marketing agency that builds bold brands and crafts results-oriented strategies, marketing plans and advertising campaigns. Based in St. Petersburg, FL, the agency listens to client business goals and aspirations, researches clients’ market position, and makes holistic recommendations to strengthen brands on every channel.