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An Open Letter to Job Hunting Creatives

Dec 15, 2015

At least once a day I get resumes in my inbox from all sorts of creatives in the industry. So often, I am just simply appalled at their lack of attention to detail and follow up when addressing my firm and myself. Yesterday, I got one addressed to “HR manager.” Hey–dipshit–thanks for not bothering to customize your form letter. I’ve been hiring people for a long time and that is not how to show me you have a real interest in working here. I’d like to give some advice to those who want to have a glamorous career in the advertising world–walk the walk. If you are a copywriter, write me a bit of copy about why you should work here and how you can help make us famous. Then, follow up with a voicemail. YES, pick up the phone and CALL ME. I listen to my messages. I might not call you back but I’ll know that you’ve called me. ASK ME to come in. So many people just send a resume and never follow through at all. You have to humanize the process. Use technology to SHOW me your worth, not as a crutch to do the minimum. What does your resume look like? Is it unique? Does it communicate who you are in a fun and interesting way? Don’t use the cliché words or phrases.

Go to my firm's website. Google information about us and use it in your intro to demonstrate that you are familiar with our work and the people that are here. Follow our social media. Pay attention. If you show interest in us, you are way more likely to get interest in return.

You know, this advice is really for anyone in any industry. Except maybe banking–that is still very boring. But seriously, increase your chances of getting in front of people by networking, showing interest, and following through.