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Catching Up with PY Interns

Jun 4, 2024

Internships serve as the bridge between the classroom and the real world, offering invaluable opportunities for budding professionals to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings. In our fast-paced professional landscape, internships have become more crucial than ever, providing students and recent graduates with the hands-on experience necessary to thrive in their respective fields.

As we delve into the journey of one of our exceptional PY interns, Myah, we uncover the power of these experiences, witnessing firsthand how they shape and mold future professionals. From navigating complex projects to fostering invaluable connections, internships offer a glimpse into the intricacies of various industries, equipping interns with the skills, insights, and confidence to excel in their careers.

Myah Hinds

PY Intern Fall 2023

Account Coordinator at Pyper, Inc.

What led you to choose your PY internship over other opportunities?

I loved the fact that PY is a women-founded, women-led small business and was excited about the possibility of being able to learn from such an experienced, talented group of people! It was obvious from the start that the PY team shared a passion for their work and really valued their clients, which was exciting for me as a student aspiring to be in the industry. 

What did you learn in your PY internship that you took with you to your career?

‍Everything! I quickly realized that the knowledge I gained from school was just a fraction of what I needed to succeed. My PY internship played a crucial role in bridging that gap, and gave me real life, hands-on experience that has been instrumental in my professional development.

Additionally, working alongside a receptive and passionate team has been an incredible experience, and given me valuable insights into agency life and my current role as Account Coordinator for PY!

What were the benefits you found in interning for a small company?

Working in a small company provided numerous benefits, particularly in an internship. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics, follow processes more closely, and have more hands-on experiences. Ultimately, I found this experience to be more personalized due to the size of the team, and I felt that they genuinely prioritized my learning and development. The close-knit environment allowed for more individualized attention and mentorship, which greatly enhanced my overall learning experience.

Provide one word to describe what your PY internship meant to you.