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Catching Up with PY Interns

Jul 31, 2023

At Pyper, we believe in the power of internships as a stepping stone to a successful career. This stepping stone has the potential to enable students to immerse themselves in the industry and emerge as confident future professionals.

As a united team dedicated to building up brands, and the people behind the brand, we're thrilled to celebrate the journey of one exceptional intern: Madison. During her time at Pyper, Madison embraced the importance of communication and crafting a cohesive brand, skills she carries with her in her career today. Interning at a small company allowed her to gain hands-on experience and thrive in a personalized, welcoming environment that nurtured her creativity.

Now, we're excited to share her story as she continues to shine brightly in the business world!

Madison Saul

Position: Program Coordinator at Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association

What led you to choose your PY internship over other opportunities?

PY stood out to me because of the company culture and the team of badass women that I would have the opportunity to work with. My time with Lindsay on the accounts team was my first internship, and from the interview process I knew I could learn so much more by working with a small company who has had such success and made strides in the industry. My end goal might not have been marketing, but through the interview process and into the internship the PY team made it a point to help me reach my goals and work towards my professional career. 

What did you learn in your PY internship that you took with you to your career?

Communication is key! I believe I would not be where I am without knowing how important communication was at PY and now in my career. Communicating not only with the team I work on but communicating properly with our members. Additionally, I took the emphasis on the importance of creating a cohesive brand. There are so many different outlets and forms of communication I use in my day-to-day tasks and ensuring everything sends the same message is crucial. 

What were the benefits you found in interning for a small company?

I was able to not only gain more real-world and hands-on experience but the internship felt very personalized. I walked into the office everyday excited because of the welcoming environment that was able to be cultivated, which allowed for ideas and creativity to be expressed without feeling out of place. I was also able to learn more about different departments and how they work together to get to the main goal of building unique brands. I also learned SO MUCH about myself! 

Provide one word to describe what your PY internship meant to you.