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Happy Birthday, PY!

Apr 30, 2018

Six years ago today, Tracy and I created Pyper Young. Fate drew us together and our inspiration for entrepreneurship changed our lives. Without Tracy Young, there would be no PY. While Tracy is no longer physically part of our agency – she will always be remembered fondly as our co-founder.

Since I am personally guilty of mocking other companies for leaving names of former partners on their door, we are removing Young from our official name. We will retain the PY, the acronym we have always affectionately referred to ourselves as. So going forward, the PY stays, but our official name will simply become Pyper, Inc.

The Pyper name on the door has nothing to do with me personally (I’ve always joked that it’s not even my real name, but rather my husband’s good name). Our agency always has been, and always will be, a collaboration of top talent. We will continue to be focused, fresh, and fierce professionals working in the best interest of our clients. And, yes, we will continue with our “no assholes” policy – just in case you were asking.

Our team has done an amazing job and we are excited to share  our new name, new logo, and updated brand look with you! Stop by and say hello to the new PY!