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It's Time for Some Certainty

Jun 1, 2020

To all of our copywriting friends, please, no more “in these uncertain times” in ads. It’s bullshit. We’re certain that this COVID-19 is affecting every one of us, that it’s causing a major threat to public health, and that it’s calling into question the way we live, work, and connect with our community. We’re also certain that businesses are deeply impacted by this pandemic—our team and our clients are no exception.

We’re also certain that our team has the talent, brainpower, and spirit to support each other and our clients through this. So this week we are slowly and carefully reopening our office. We love our space as it fosters what makes us best—collaboration, spontaneous ideating, and camaraderie.

We know reopening will have challenges, and, therefore, some new rules as well. To help other small businesses create guidelines to help their employees stay safe and healthy, we thought we would share ours.

1. One resource: We are using the CDC’s advice as our collective resource. We believe this will be the best way for all to stay informed with the most up-to-date, accurate information, avoiding the rumor mills and conspiracy theories.

2. Prevention: We want to make sure our employees prevent getting themselves sick as well as others. This means encouraging social distancing, wearing masks, and constantly washing hands both in and outside of the office. We’ve reconfigured our office to spread everyone out. Because we truly care about each other and our clients, these are such simple, easy things to do.

We’ve put hand sanitizer in spray bottles and pump top dispensers in every area of our office—manufactured locally by our clients, Kozuba & Sons Distillery and 82° West Distilling to help the community stay safe! Shop for your business and family at or by calling 82° West Distillery at (813) 820-0944.

For the foreseeable future, all client, partner, and vendor meetings will remain virtual.

3. Appropriate action: While we will do our best to prevent illness, we also are prepared that it may happen. So our staff knows not to come to work if ill and to seek proper medical attention as needed.
Additionally, should someone find themselves exposed to a high-risk situation, they will be self-quarantining and working from home for the appropriate two weeks.

As marketers, it’s always our goal to find the perfect intersection of time, place, and people. After months of working from home and careful planning, we’re certain that everything is aligned for our team to come back into our office and continue working together as we have been—now face-to-face from six short feet apart. While we won’t see you in our office just yet, we are always available for quick call, over-thought email exchange, or a lively Zoom happy hour!