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We do things a little differently than other agencies. We’re intentionally not niche, so we don’t limit ourselves to a specific set of services or industries—we work with people who are obsessed with creating brands that work on every level. We dive deep with research, realize unique ideas, and always take into account what’s in the best interest of our clients and their brands. 

We always start with strategy. We’re unafraid to figure out the “why” behind a client’s requests before we get to work. We’re not a sweatshop churning out work that just follows an exact list of demands on a predetermined brief. That said, we don’t think so highly of ourselves that we’re unwilling to change course if something isn’t working. Every member of our team is willing to bring ideas to the table, dive in to help one another, and roll up our sleeves to get sh*t done.

Our team is focused, fresh, and fierce while upholding the following core values:

  1. Strength & boldness
  2. Learning
  3. Caring
  4. Results
  5. Enjoyment
  6. Most importantly…no assholes
If this sounds like you and you’re interested in working with us, send us your resume and tell us a little bit about your experience and expertise.
At this time, we’re only able to respond to applicants we feel are uniquely qualified for the position to which they’ve applied. All applications should include a cover letter, resume, and samples of your work. Want some tips to stand out? Check out our blog to learn what makes a great application.

Marketing Project Specialist

The Marketing Project Specialist’s job function is to serve as the agency’s internal driver of projects, overseeing our clients’ day-to-day work within the agency. 

Job responsibilities may include: 

  • Understands our clients’ brand as well as their marketing strategy – capable of understanding the big picture while managing the fine details
  • Assists PY team members in executing client marketing tactics that are on strategy by:
    • Ensuring clients’ marketing needs are created on time and on budget as directed by the account management team
    • Communicating, interacting, and internally trafficking projects and tasks across all disciplines within the agency – creative, media, content marketing, account management, and accounting
    • Opening, managing, and completing tasks and projects on behalf of our clients in our project management system
  • Creates and deploys client-agency communications such as agendas, meeting recaps, project timelines, etc. 
  • Externally trafficks client-approved work to media partners, printers, production outlets, etc. 
  • Estimates production costs and timing, maintains vendor relations, reconciles for accounting 
  • Project types to be coordinated include printed collateral, digital/web assets, websites, press releases, video and audio creation, brand development, marketing plans, and more.


  • Bachelor degree in marketing and minimum of 2 years working industry experience
  • Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously, from creative development through production, including project timelines, task delegation, and budgets
  • Problem solving & critical thinking are absolute must haves
  • Incredibly organized (go ahead, impress us with your best Marie Kondo story)
  • Self starter who takes initiative to anticipate potential challenges and find solutions
  • Time management skills – for self and team
  • Team player, collaborator, strong verbal communicator 
  • Experience with Asana or similar project management software – love for unicorns is a plus 
  • Math smarts & spreadsheet nerd – trust us, you don’t want to pretend you’ve got this
  • Grammar & punctuation snob – knows the difference between the n and m dash, must love Oxford commas

What we offer in return for your incredibleness: 

  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Generous benefits to improve the quality of life including:
    • 100% Employer paid medical insurance 
    • 100% Employer paid parking in Downtown St. Pete
    • 401k Plan
    • Generous time off policy to ensure work-life balance
    • Free Jannus Live concerts
    • What we think is most important: a no asshole policy
  • An environment to collaborate strategically, constantly learn, create results, and to be focused, fresh and fierce
  • Champagne & cupcakes for all special occasions, such as Tuesdays – maybe we should have listed this first?

Ready to apply? Send cover letter, resume and portfolio to Lindsay Petty

Creative Designer

As part of our creative team, we expect you to take an active role in every part of the branding and campaign development process. Our creative team doesn’t just make pretty things that look great on an Instagram feed—they put themselves in the client’s shoes and take initiative to bring ideas to the table that meet the client’s specific needs. Most importantly, our best creatives are invested in how a vision fits into the brand, resonates with a target audience, and helps achieve results.

We’re looking for someone who truly embodies our core values:

  • No assholes. No explanation necessary.  
  • Strength & boldness: We have the confidence to ask questions, suggest ideas, express opinions, and take a stand on important issues. That said, we think through our arguments, have reasons for what we suggest, and bring solutions to the table—we don’t push back just for the sake of having a different opinion (see point #1). 
  • Learning: Constantly seek out new information, new trends, and new ideas. Just as important—be willing to admit when you don’t know the answer to something, and seek out someone who does so you can learn. 
  • Caring: We genuinely care about our clients and our teammates as people. We consider perspectives outside of our own and approach difficult conversations from a place of empathy and a genuine desire to help. 
  • Results: Everything we do is done with a purpose. We don’t just make pretty things for our own portfolios—we create visual and verbal identities that resonate with audiences and help clients meet their business goals. 


  • Be a design gymnast: maintain flexibility in designing for a variety of media, scopes, and industries. Create big ideas (360° turn on one foot) while flawlessly executing the easy stuff (somersault).
  • Collaborate across the agency departments to meet clients’ objectives.
  • Help inspire ridiculously amazing, award winning, yet superiorly, strategic work. 
  • Contribute to agency brainstorms for continual flow of new ideas.
  • Participate in new business efforts as needed. 
  • Reports to our Creative Director.


  • Independent thinker willing to put yourself in client shoes and design accordingly.
  • 2-5 years of working in an agency (preferred), in-house marketing department, or similar setting.
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • A diverse portfolio—ideally including branding projects.
  • Experience and enthusiasm working in a variety of media from traditional to digital.
  • Skilled in responsive web design.
  • Knowledge in Webflow, Figma, motion design, photography, videography a plus.

Ready to apply? Send cover letter, resume and portfolio to Cat Lim.


Want to learn the ins and outs of branding, marketing, and advertising? We have built a robust intern program for university students seeking professional experience. Our internships are aligned to the semester—applications open mid-semester for opportunities during the following semester!
Just like our other postings, please include a cover letter, resume, and samples of your work!

Accounts: Lindsay Petty
Creative: Cat Lim
Content Creation (includes copywriting and social media): Amanda Baird