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USF CUTR Motorcycle Campaigns

We have been media agency of record for the University of South Florida for the past six years. Within their campus resides the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), which facilitates research, education, and outreach pertaining to transportation in the State of Florida. We have worked with the motorcycle
research team on a variety of initiatives and media executions with PSA campaigns to ultimately reduce motorcycle fatalities. To do so, we must educate both motorcycle riders as well as drivers. 

Targeting Riders 

Motorcycle riders only represent about 1% of the driving population—so this was not a mass media campaign. In order to educate motorcycle riders, we have to reach those who actually own a motorcycle—not just those with an interest in riding. So we worked closely with our digital partners to utilize third party data, including both insurance and Polk research data, to reach the registered owner. Once we identified this audience, we are able to segment by age to deliver the targeted messages: younger riders receive a safety message, while older riders receive the “don’t drink and ride” message. Tactics included video pre-roll, email marketing, and omni-channel banner ads that were geo-targeted to the State of Florida.  

Targeting Drivers

While this target is larger than motorcycle riders, not all drivers are open to receiving a PSA message encouraging them to change their driving behavior to look out
for motorcycle riders. Our strategy honed in on reaching younger demographics, particularly new drivers, to encourage good driving habits and share the road with motorcycles. We utilized radio endorsements, which provided peer-to-peer messages from radio personalities to listeners. We partnered with iHeart Radio to provide coverage in three major radio markets, negotiating lower rates for share of business, while maximizing added value exposure for the client.  

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