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Maximize Outcomes. Minimize Chair Time.

A high end lab targeting dentists with a keen interest in smile design and restorative dentistry, 4Points Dental Designs creates premium, highly realistic dental implants, bridges, crowns, and veneers so that patients can smile confidently.

While looking to speak to high-end dentists operating primarily on a fee-for-service model, 4Points needed to build a robust brand that extended beyond their founder’s expertise and deliver a message that connect with dentists and prosthodontists as well as their patients.

The name, 4Points, comes from the four points of integral theory—a philosophical approach to the way we experience the world. The theory, basically, states that there are 4 primary dimensions or perspectives through which we can experience the world: subjective, intersubjective, objective, and interobjective. The idea is that the 4Points lab balances these four perspectives to deliver ideal results that work for patients on every level, while helping dentists and prosthodontists optimize their business.

To bring this to life, we refined both the brand messaging and visual identity. We began with brand storytelling on a website, centered on the core message of “minimizing chair time while maximizing results,” and illustrating the quality of the products. The website focused not only on the products offered and the processes used to create them, but offered a number of resources and education for dental professionals looking to refine their craft and improve their smile design practices.

We paired this messaging with a clean, sparkling visual identity, centered on a refreshing color palette and plenty of white space. The logo was updated with a sleek typeface and refined mark which alluded to both the literal four points while taking the shape of a sparkle. We developed an illustration set with a minimalist style to showcase products and services while keeping with the brand’s clean aesthetic.

Logo, tagline, and design elements of the 4Points Dental Design brand
Custom illustrations developed for the 4Points Dental Design brand surrounding the tagline "Maximize Outcomes. Minimize Chair Time."

We extended this visual identity from the digital to the physical, creating custom packaging that would further elevate the high-end products contained within, as well as care kits for patients to bring home. The physical products serve as reminders for both patient and dentist that 4Points helped them smile a little brighter.

A branded 4Points box photographed on its side against a white background
A flurry of branded 4Points boxes cascading against a teal background
Two branded 4Points Dental Design boxes stacked on top of each other

Building great brands
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