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5x5 is a highly innovative tech company, specialized in 3D modeling and spatial computing for asset inspection and analysis. As a dedicated partner to asset-heavy and IoT enterprises, 5x5 focuses on creating highly accurate asset renderings to simplify training and repairs while reducing asset downtime.

When 5x5 came to us, this new tech company had recently acquired funding from AWS and SoftBank. While they already had a name and logo in hand, they were ready to start building a strong visual identity to go to market.

We set to work, developing their brand platform to create a sales brochure, promotional and demonstration videos, and more.

The key when developing 5x5 was to clearly articulate a highly complex problem and a technologically advanced solution for the problem. An extremely detailed demo video, paired with written sales collateral, allowed them to do both while keeping the focus on product development and innovation rather than conducting individual demos as part of the sales process.

Building great brands
is what we do.

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