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Bob's Carpet & Flooring

Flooring Retailer Brings It Home

Bob’s Carpet & Flooring has been a Tampa Bay staple for three generations. However, big box brands with big-time budgets eroded the retailer’s once dominant market share. It was time Bob’s called on Pyper Inc to help their retail advertising stand out—even while being outspent.

We piloted consumer perceptual research. Results indicated that, while people knew the Bob's name, the chain had no point of differentiation in the flooring category. Pyper Inc identified Bob's unique offering—the widest selection of fashionable flooring in the marketplace—and developed an engaging broadcast campaign to exploit this competitive advantage.

The creative executions pushed out by a high-frequency media program paired Bob’s with an iconic Tampa Bay TV and radio personality. This relatable, quirky and well intentioned spokesperson connects with busy moms, driving raucous online buzz, a renewed spot in the customer's consideration set and a dramatic ramp-up of visits to the chain’s 15 stores.

Retail Advertising Elements

Television | Radio | Consumer Research | Media | Print | Point of Purchase | Digital

TV Spot Spokesperson Finds Some Peace

Neighbor saver Nancy Alexander comes to the rescue of a busy mom in need of some Zen as Bob's Carpet & Flooring spokesperson in this :30 TV commercial by Pyper Inc.

TV Ad Calms Girls-Night-Out Nerves

In this :30 TV ad, the homeowner moves from embarrassed to elated since she got her new Bob's flooring installed. As Bob's Carpet and Flooring's fun, quirky and helpful spokesperson, local celebrity Nancy Alexander helps the ladies find out where flooring style, selection and savings coexist.

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