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Passion Is Everything

A night at Ceviche wows with the Spanish flair of Florida’s original tapas bar and restaurant. But as the 18 year-old brand faced more and tougher culinary encroachment, they invited agency partner Pyper Inc to help bring diners back to the table through our restaurant branding expertise.

We started with consumer research, then served up a re-brand strategy that cuts right to the heart of the visitor experience. People expressed nothing less than love for this restaurant, giving it high praise—not only for its tasty food and warm service, but for their emotional response each time they visit.

Next, we applied this insight to create a powerful new brand position, Passion is Everything. We conducted a photo shoot to capture an Old World “painterly” look and applied these assets to craft an alluring brand campaign. Anchored by a sultry TV spot and vibrant website, the creative execution encourages guests to unleash their passion at Ceviche. By actively courting their customer, Ceviche rekindles dining preference among long-time patrons, first-time visitors and special event planners.

Restaurant Branding Elements

Television | Website | Outdoor | Digital Brochure | Out-of-Home |  Collateral | Print | Point of Purchase | Social Media | Photography | Brand Refresh | Consumer Research | Menus | Media

Out-of-Home Targets Pedestrian Attention

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Grill greets you in the streets with a dramatic out-of-home entryway shelter, located at a heavy pedestrian and auto thoroughfare. The eye-catching design projects the restaurant's passion for dishing up authentic Spanish-style tapas and the festive atmosphere you can find there.

Brochure Design Captivates Clients

Ceviche is popular for fun times with family, friends--and functions too. This versatile private events brochure design has application as a digital download or can be printed. Customized for the restaurant's St. Petersburg, Tampa and Orlando, Florida locations, this provocative piece paints a picture of passion through depictions and descriptions of the amazing private event experiences to be shared there.

Website Design Elevates Experience and Expectations

Pyper Inc extends the sights, sounds and flair of the region's original Spanish tapas bar and restaurant through a new responsive, easy-to-navigate website design for Ceviche. Calendar and menu client administration levels make it easy for non-geeks to keep the site fresh and up-to-date on the back end, while maintaining website security. Sultry on the front end. Streamlined on the back end.

Check it out here:

TV Spot Celebrates Food through Flamenco

We launched the Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant brand campaign, "Passion Is Everything," through TV spot and digital placement in the three restaurant markets. The emotive (and un-restaurant-like) :30 spot invites you to recapture the romance in the every day through the passionate dining experience only found at Ceviche.

Billboard Design Proffers Passion

This billboard design for Ceviche reinforces the "Passion Is Everything" campaign even before patrons walk in the door of the Tampa restaurant, located just a block away. The outdoor extends a multimedia brand advertising campaign buy that also includes TV, digital, print and social media components.

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