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Making an Impact with Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Envision a Thriving Tampa Bay Community

Community Foundation Tampa Bay believes when people from all parts of our community – business, nonprofits, philanthropy, government – work together, great things happen…and they’re leading the charge. 

Connections spark collaboration. Ideas lead to innovation. Funding fuels future expansion. And combined, they catalyze opportunity community wide. 

By bringing people together to develop solutions, Community Foundation Tampa Bay advances its vision: a thriving Tampa Bay community where every person has equitable access to opportunity and prosperity.

Connections Build Community

The organization recaps the impressive impact that their fundholders have on the community through an annual report, highlighting many stories of philanthropic investment from the preceding year. For this year’s book, Community Foundation Tampa Bay brought our team in, impressed with our experience in creating annual guides for  St. Pete Downtown Partnership for the past four years. The 2023 Impact Report: Connections Build Community highlights the many ways in which relationships between community philanthropists, businesses, nonprofits, and government come together, they can make meaningful, widespread change. 

This 28-page report brings the relatively new visual brand to life, featuring a collection of stories from across the region. We developed some new brand elements to highlight the Community Foundation’s impact as we illustrated their financial and relational impact with donors and nonprofit partners over the past year. The complete package includes a 12-page list of all the nonprofits who were impacted and was sent in a custom 9x9 envelope.

About Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Community Foundation Tampa Bay is the premier connector of philanthropists, nonprofits, businesses, and community leaders for fundamental change in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. The Community Foundation invests in philanthropic funds throughout the Tampa Bay area, focused on creative problem solving to drive economic opportunity, environmental resiliency and sustainability, physical health and mental wellbeing, and quality child and youth education for the cultivation of vibrant and engaged communities.

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