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St. Pete Downtown Partnership

2020 Development Guide

As an advocate for thoughtful growth and development in the city center, the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership needed a solid resource to share with developers and businesses interested in taking part in the city’s growth through new construction or expanding or relocating their business into downtown.

In collaboration with the Downtown Partnership’s subject matter experts, we developed a detailed guide showcasing the many opportunities and offerings currently available in and around downtown, including office space, housing, land for development and workforce demographics. In addition to these hard facts, the book also highlights amenities, lifestyle, education, and arts and entertainment in the area."

Through the development of this book, it was equally important to communicate the facts and the culture that make Downtown St. Pete an attractive place to live and work. We achieved this through strong imagery, giving the strongest weight to photography of all that St. Pete has to offer, and pairing that photography with development renderings and clear graphical representations of data to truly convey the benefits of taking part in St. Pete’s ongoing growth.

We’re pleased to share that the book recently won the International Downtown Association’s Award of Excellence within the 2020 Achievement Awards Application - Economic Development category! This indicates that it’s not only a stunningly designed piece, but that it’s a highly valuable resource in the economic development of the city we love.

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