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Drink Katy’s evolved from the family’s coffee business, as this dynamic entrepreneur began tinkering with tea flavors—creating a strong demand for unique blends across the current customer base. The Drink Katy’s mission is to not only offer high quality, all-natural teas, but to encourage a loyal group of tea aficionados to love their bodies, love one another, and love the planet.

Focused on a young, health conscious, female skewing demographic, we developed a brand platform grounded in sharing joy through this vibrant lifestyle tea company. We knew that appealing to this target would require an extremely appealing package, backed by a powerful message.

We set out to design a colorful and unique look and feel for this e-commerce brand and to differentiate her from the competition. We created everything from the tea packaging to tags for her unique tumblers, inserts for all her shipments, and the inspirational brand manifesto.

Drink Katy’s successfully launched with six tea flavors and three colors of travel tumblers on Amazon on July 15th!

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