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Grow Smarter, a comprehensive collective impact with the goal to drive equitable economic growth, is intertwined with our client, St. Pete Chamber. Because we love their mission as well as St. Pete, we offered our initial work pro-bono, building their online resource for local businesses to recruit talent to the area. When they put out the RFP for a partner to help identify the brand and develop a comprehensive marketing plan, we were in!

Despite having many highly intelligent and influential people involved with the non-profit, Grow Smarter struggled with a lack of a centralized identity and a lack of clear communication. It was also important that the brand’s identity complement key partners: the Chamber, the City, and their benefactor, Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete.

Watch Grow Smarter's logo reveal video below

The logo encapsulates the multi-faceted aspects of Grow Smarter St. Petersburg. The goal of equitable growth is represented through the rising blocks of color. St. Petersburg, also known as The Sunshine City, is denoted by the blocks which also form a skyline on a clear sunny day. Grow Smarter seeks to become a model for other growing cities, and its initiatives will put St. Petersburg on the map.

To symbolize this, the container of the bug and the circle at the center form a map locator. The brand colors were chosen for their vibrancy which reflect the diverse community within St. Pete. They also compliment the color palettes of the City of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Foundation for a Healthy St. Pete since these logos are often used together.

The marketing plan focused on grassroots tactics to maximize exposure, minimize cost, and be able to be deployed by a small, yet nimble, staff.

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