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Onboarding What Matters

Healthlink Advisors, an established and successful healthcare IT consultancy, launched a sister staffing company in order to supply their clients with the IT talent needed to implement the plans that they created. While discussing our brand platform process we would utilize for Resourcing HQ, their leadership team quickly realized both companies would benefit from our services.

One of the challenges that their Healthlink employees faced was starting their new role at a remote client location—sometimes without meeting the team or even visiting the company’s headquarters.  These new hires were representing the company that they barely knew, and needed to have a full grasp on their new role, understand how they fit in to the company’s culture, and ultimately feel more welcome.

It became apparent in our Deep Dive meeting that Healthlink Advisors was passionately committed to their employees as well as their six core values:

  1. Have fun
  2. Excellence in work and reputation
  3. Learn and grow
  4. Be accountable
  5. Make healthy choices
  6. Personal integrity

To help new Healthlink team members feel at home and live the core values, we developed a new employee welcome kit to illustrate each of the core values in a physical gift. The completed kit included an onboarding booklet to walk new team members through what they should expect, and a variety of items team members can use in their daily operations.

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