Kozuba & Sons is a craft distillery in St. Pete, steeped in Polish tradition. This family-run business had used several different designers over their years, ultimately leaving them with a disconnected visual identity that didn’t truly convey the quality and heritage behind their spirits.

Our first goal was to provide consistency and elevation for the brand across all visual elements, paying homage to their Polish heritage. We drew inspiration from Polish folklore characters and the high-quality ingredients used in each spirit for hand illustrations, complemented by a bold, warm color palette to create cohesive, high quality labels that serve as the crown jewel of the Kozuba brand.

Once the labels were complete, we focused efforts on supporting distribution efforts. We created comprehensive sales collateral for local and national distribution efforts to explain the quality of each individual product and tell the brand story.

One of the key elements of gaining distribution for spirits is creating an interest in the brand among consumers. We tackled this goal by managing paid and organic social media surrounding the brand launch, leading to a 20% increase in followers on Facebook, and a 101% increase in impressions on Instagram in the first half of 2020.

During the COVID-19 era, distilleries were granted a regulatory exemption to allow e-commerce sales for contactless curbside pickup. When we received this update, we immediately implemented ecommerce functionality into the website within three days, along with new, ecommerce-optimized product photography. In just a few months, marketing and ecommerce drove an increase in revenue and brand loyalty among local consumers.

In addition to offering curbside pickup of spirits, Kozuba & Sons chose to serve the community during COVID-19 by manufacturing hand sanitizer. Their primary focus was to furnish this sanitizer to nonprofits, first responders, and healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic, as well as making bulk quantities available for business and personal use as reopening began. We supported them through this effort with labels, messaging strategy, advertising strategy, and public relations support.

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