Packaging a Brand

Website Development That Speaks Volumes

Polypack makes machines that can shrink wrap just about anything: ice cream, pharmaceuticals, paint cans, juice bottles––you name it. Pyper Inc undertook website development that packaged this brand and its myriad industrial machines in a vibrant, friendly way––not what you might expect from they typical family-owned manufacturer. The result was a responsive site with worldwide appeal that is polished, well organized and engaging––in five different languages.

Check it out here:

iPhone mockup showing section of website showing the Pharmaceutical channel of packaged products
iPad mockup of website showing various packaged products

Brochure Helps Shrink Wrap Shine

From concept to completion, the Polypack brochure manufactured by Pyper Inc reflects the kind of sophisticated design and print production techniques that allows their shrink wrap tools to stand out. Produced in multiple languages, The Polypack brochure's appeal stretches from St. Petersburg, USA to Santiago, Chile.

Mock up of magazine spread for Polypack featuring packaging equipment, and various packaged products
Closeup of the Polypack machine overlaying engineering drawings of the machine

Magazine Ad Makes a Mark

Polypack products pop in this full-page trade magazine ad, part of a multifaceted brand development project that includes website and overview brochure. The unique presentation of products stands out in a vertical periodical that's heavier on substance than style. The Polypack ad, refreshingly, offers both to readers.

Magazine spread of packaging equipment surrounded by products packaged by equipment with a text blurb about the company
Magazine back cover with photo of company building surrounded by grid of products packaged using equipment

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