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PowerChord is a technology company that specializes in offering location-based lead generation, lead distribution and management, and digital marketing services to dealer-distributed brands. They came to us seeking help to articulate who they are and what they do in a way that would appeal equally to major international brands and their individual dealers on a local level.

We began the process with a deep dive that included perspectives from departments across PowerChord’s team to fully understand the many facets of their platform and their team’s expertise.

We used these conversations to develop a brand platform, verbal identity, and core messages that accurately and concisely articulated PowerChord’s culture and services. From there, we began developing an entirely new visual identity, including a logo, color palette, updated fonts, and custom icons and illustrations.

PowerChord logo
PowerChord illustrations and tagline
PowerChord bug in different color combinations
PowerChord social graphic examples

We immediately started putting that visual and verbal identity to work by developing a new custom website that functioned with both robust amounts of information and a simple user experience—not unlike the PowerChord platform itself.

PowerChord homepage displayed on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens
Example of the responsiveness of the PowerChord website
Examples of PowerChord webpages

In addition to the website, we created pieces that support PowerChord’s full sales funnel: landing pages, lead capture forms, and a full suite of sales collateral including new case studies and presentations that continue to qualify and convince leads by telling the PowerChord story. Also, we partnered with Roundhouse Creative Studio for a brand overview video to stimulate interest.

Layers of designed screens from the PowerChord pitch deck
A collection of PowerChord branded case studies

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