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New Brand Identity for Priority One Financial Services

Priority One Financial Services leads the market share in their category for boat and RV retail financing and insurance. This women founded, women led organization began in 1987 and has experienced significant growth over the decades. With the pandemic, revenue increased significantly as people decided to vacation differently. Simultaneously, the company was heavily investing in technologies to streamline loan applications and dealership insights to drive revenue for their clients. 

Priority One’s Target Audience

Priority One Financial Services’ primary target audience is small, family-run boat and RV dealerships around the United States. It was critical that Priority One’s evolved brand demonstrated their expertise, was approachable, and created a sense of trust in their company, security, and delivery of client satisfaction.

Evolving a Legacy Brand

The brand had not evolved in many years, despite their industry leading efforts and rave reviews from clients. They engaged Pyper, Inc. in January of 2021 to develop a refreshed brand, particularly to expand their digital presence as they continued developing online tools for their customers. 

At the start of the journey, the logo was not set to change, but Pyper was tasked with creating a visual and verbal identity for all new communications. As the team developed mood boards and reviewed the competition, it became clear that a new logo would help elevate the visual identity into the modern, sleek, industry-leading brand they are. 

Beyond The Logo

Alongside the logo, Pyper, Inc. developed the creative and messaging for a cohesive brand, including marketing collateral and the website.

Marketing the Brand

Alongside Priority One’s brand development, Pyper, Inc. collaborated with their marketing, sales, and executive teams to develop a marketing strategy and tactical plan to target their prospect list and generate leads from new prospective dealers. Tactics included content marketing (blogs, emails, social media, and public relations) to educate the target on company offerings and how they solve client pain points. The plan layered in digital marketing campaigns to collect new leads. The brand launched publicly at the start of the fall manufacturing trade show season. Read more about the debut of the “5 Minutes to Financing” campaign. 

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