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Revolutionizing IT Staffing

RHQ, known formally as Resourcing HQ, is a strategic IT staffing company that works to bridge the gap between its clients and IT talent. By finding and placing top-tier candidates into the right positions, RHQ ensures successful partnerships that turn into valuable, long lasting relationships.

As a relatively new company in an industry with a dizzying amount of competition, RHQ needed brand awareness and ultimately a marketing launch to break through the IT staffing clutter.

We began with competitive research and saw what was working for RHQ’s competition and what was not. After pouring through dozens of identified competitors, we came across two major motifs: they were only talking about themselves––not the client nor the talent––and many of their websites and social feeds were inundated with stock imagery.

Knowing that RHQ values their candidates as much as their clients, our creative work was centered around highlighting both people and relationships. And, because RHQ is newer, we developed strategies for their website and social media that were positioned to evolve as the company steadily grew over time.

The new website rolled out with dynamic animation and illustrations to draw attention to RHQ and its mission, but was succinct and straightforward in messaging while easy to navigate. We did the same for the social media strategy by categorizing content to diversify the company’s messaging and create brand awareness at the same time. And the use of stock imagery was kept at bay by incorporating RHQ team members, core leadership, and illustrations into their feeds.

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