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5 Minutes to Financing: Priority One B2B Campaign

Campaign Development for F&I Outsourcing

Priority One Financial Services came to Pyper for branding and marketing evaluation and evolution. They lead the market share in their category for boat and RV retail financing and insurance and have been steadily expanding their business in recent years. You can read about their brand development and strategic marketing planning here.

Priority One has heavily invested in technologies to streamline loan applications and dealership insights to drive revenue for dealership clients. With a new brand identity developed to match, it was time to communicate their offerings to their target audiences. 

“5 Minutes to Financing” Campaign

We launched Priority One’s new brand in time for the fall manufacturers’ trade show season. We developed a campaign funnel targeting prospects before, during, and after each show, where Priority One hosts trade show booths. The campaign articulates how Priority One’s technology tools, long-term lender relationships, and great team members help dealership customers finance their recreation retail purchases more efficiently than competitors, in-house F&I, or not having F&I at all. Customers are more likely to follow through on a purchase when fast financing is available from the dealership floor. 

5 Minutes to Financing logo lock-up on a dark background paired with a branded 'swoosh' design element

5 Minutes to Financing was a multimedia campaign that included email marketing, direct mail, on-the-floor demos of the technology, digital campaigns, and an “enter to win” call to action for lead generation. For the largest trade show of the season, the fairgrounds were geofenced, serving up a "visit our booth" message. The audience was then retargeted with web banners after the show with different messaging to increase brand awareness and increase frequency throughout the fall show season. Each season, the campaign evolves with more frequent and targeted touchpoints, building on the learnings and analytics from the season before. Tactics drive to a campaign landing page to gather and track leads.

Mock-up of the general 5 Minutes to Financing postcard on a green background

Mock-up of the general 5 Minutes to Financing flyer and folder insert on a white background

Mock-up of the general 5 Minutes to Financing webpage on a blue background

Campaign Results

Priority One’s target audience is small and niche, which means refreshing creative, adjusting messaging, and testing tactics to constantly stay relevant with prospects. With the help of a new CRM system, alongside Google Analytics, Pyper, Inc. and Priority One continuously collaborate to optimize campaign strategies and analyze results. Priority One onboarded 28% more dealers in 2022 than 2021. Marketing efforts have expanded to support their commercial equipment financing division, as well as the newly launched park model financing, the first of its kind. 

Pyper, Inc. is driven by achieving marketing results for our clients. From B2B to B2C, we help clients communicate with their target audiences across tactics. We’d love to hear about your current marketing efforts, and see how we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today. 

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