Cat Lim turns Craft into Creative Magic

After celebrating four years with the company and in recognition of her outstanding creative leadership, Pyper, Inc. has promoted Catherine (Cat) Lim to the position of Creative Director.  Redefining what it means to be creative one campaign at a time, Cat leads her team towards fierce and focused creativity that brings brands to life. Cat is a force behind the agency’s creative brand development and loves designing solutions that can transform an idea into an experience, telling a story and connecting with an audience. While connecting style and functionality, Cat inspires her team to push beyond what’s expected and into a world of creative magic.

“Every day, I’m surrounded by incredibly smart and strategic brains. This is a team that puts your creativity to the test. It’s how I know Pyper, Inc. has always been the right place for me. I’m excited to continue growing the agency, as well as growing with the agency,” she said.

For more than half of her tenure with the agency, Cat has served as Creative Team Leader, working diligently to hone her craft and transform her department. The impact Cat had on Pyper, Inc.’s creative processes is articulating in the constantly excellent work she produces and encourages her team to produce. The dedication Cat brings to her team and her craft proves she is a natural-born leader, earning her the new position of Creative Director.